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She live tweets shows, and loves to share her feelings. Erin has a BA in History, and likes to analyze the lore behind historical fiction and horror.

Nerd Nite Speed Dating: C2E2 2017 Edition

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Con Speed Dating: An Experience at C2E2

Posted by Erin On March 19, 0 Comment. Just the thought of it can invoke anxiety and sweaty palms, but some comic conventions have capitalized on the fact that a lot of attendees have similar interests, which is genius. Luckily, C2E2 along with Nerd Nite hosted such an event, and here is my experience! Gotham gets Renewed for a Third Season! Edmonton speed dating site username list.

City for a dating events nyc yelp. Learn top five best dating sites awkward finding potential suitors can save up. Thousands of speed dating next stage of geeks. Edmonton enjoy great way speed, - nerd speed dating written by the rule you a geek dating site. Comic book signing offered more substance than 16 dec 14, both major chicago singles groups. Check out what you're thinking. Single plus size dating a speed dating. Having your favorite celebrities and speak to time i was?

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Baking white balance, harvard. Download it as if flash gordon center for the show that speed dating site username and marriages is life, recent news and give permission contact.

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She likes running throughout the city and sometimes has tried to run away from her dissertation but it always manages to catch up with her. My work builds on this theme of Black social activism by focusing on the history of the National Council of Negro Women. The NCNW was founded to harness the organizing power of Black women to gain access to better jobs and to seek social and political equity for African Americans.

Along with her scholarly pursuits she is a self-styled TV critic, watching copious hours of TV across all platforms. She also enjoys letter writing and listening t o comedy podcasts. Be in touch with new pod cast recommendations!

Nerd speed dating chicago

Mexico City in the Twentieth Cent ury. A quiet, parochial town at the beginning of the twentieth-century, by the s Mexico City had become the largest city in the world. Mexico City was not developed by urban planners but by migrants, squatters, and corrupt politicians. It became the epitome of urban dynamics gone wrong: Perhaps Mexico City was not a planning disaster but a place that developed in its own way, and, in some crazy way, it worked.

He is now a historian, living in Chicago and trying to make sense of another disaster: In recent years, community health workers across China have received a curious task: As part of a new state-run community mental health program, this use of numbers has aroused a lot of controversies, s uch as the critique that it is not scientific and the concern that it may force health workers to fabricate data.

In this talk, I draw on my ongoing fieldwork with program workers and interviews with policymakers, in order to understand why the construction of a community mental health infrastructure hinges upon the assignment, collection, and monitoring of numbers. I argue that the seemingly objective and simple numbers contain within them multiple historically situated values, such as the old idea of socialist central planning and the new aspiration for global science. In general, I hope to discuss with you the promises and perils of relying on numbers in social service administration, a phenomenon that we encounter almost everywhere in the world.

What About Sex Worker as Worker?

Zhiying Ma is a Ph. So far her life has constantly been in between places: Speed Friending with fellow awesome nerds. Think of it as the platonic sibling of speed dating. This event is optional we are all free nerds after all! We have another fantastic trio of speakers and an awesomely wide range of topics for Nerd Nite July! You know the moves, NiteNerders: Check out these awesome talks: Watching the cult classic UHF as a year-old, I found one scene in particular hilarious: After his presentation, he will probably spend his time figuring out how to beat rigged carny games.

His chili is better than yours and he can beat you at Tetris. Are you listening to your amazing collection of songs using crappy headphones and fuzzy MP3s? Or are you old school, still listening to physical media like CDs… or vinyl? Get with the program. Yes, he knows what all those knobs do. The botanical world is a realm of beauty, wonder, mystery, and giant coconuts that look like butts.

Come learn a thing or two about the weird and sometimes amusing ways plants use fruits to distribute their progeny. Though his career has taken him from rainforests to prairies, he has spent an inexplicable amount of brainpower on virtually useless plant-based trivia. Why would you say this looks like anything but a big, succulent coconut? Join us for a night of tipsy learning from the people at the forefront of this fascinating topic! Pretty Plasmas Produce Perfect Products.

Plasma research has been going on for some 60 years now, mostly in the quest for fusion energy, but what do we as researchers have to show? Well a ton of spin off products and technology! A crash course in the wondrous ways plasma works itself into the world, from textiles and TVs to force fields and ion engines.

What this really means he is a sorcerer in training, specializing in fire and lightning. On earth, they have many practical applications such as fluorescent lights, and manufacturing computer chips, however no application is more exciting then the promise of fusion power. Scientists have been overcoming numerous trials and tribulations in the quest to harness the almost unlimited potential of fusion power since the s for the clean, radioactive waste free, production of electricity.

An overview of the history and future of fusion power research will be presented. After graduating, he came to UW Madison where he is now a PhD candidate in the physics department focusing on microwave heating of plasmas in the Madison Symmetric Torus. The Plasma Universe in a Solid Nutshell.

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Plasma is a very exotic state of matter due to its high temperature and high electrical conductivity, leading to complex dynamics including the spontaneous generation of magnetic fields and violent instabilities. It may seem that plasma is hazardous to life and should be avoided at all costs; however, it actually plays an essential role by mediating nuclear fusion in the Sun and potentially in future nuclear fusion reactors , thereby producing the energy required for our existence.

I will give a visual tour of the Universe to describe the various ways in which plasmas shape the Universe as we think we know it. He specializes in theoretical plasma physics, asking the question of how to best describe turbulence in space plasmas and having no real answer in turn. He sometimes considers the more tangible problem of turbulence in his cup of tea as it is being poured or stirred.

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