Tips for dating a successful man

Maybe Robin Wright on House of Cards? Seems like many of the commenters on here are responding to other less positive aspects of this idea, like what to do when he is NOT going after success to please you, or making any time for you at all, or when, as his success grows, he wants to trade you in for an upgrade… but the angle here is a cheerful one. Yes Emily, seems like more women have experienced the negative side of ambition!

Clearly a lot of power-hungry neglectful guys out there! Seriously Stephen, you just described the relationship I have been in, but broke up amicably last night to a tee! He has been in pre-med school. Would talk to me about classes. Showed off his smarts.

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I did everything I could to support him. I cooked for him so he would have a meal or two during the stressful weeks. All the while working on my own ambitions to start a non profit.

This poses a problem for the successful and single.

Now though as he applies for med school, he cut things off. I understand his thinking. I am a woman age of 34 years and looking for an ambitious man who can love and take care of me always with no excuses of lies. I want the honest one. I believe a good quality woman who truly believed in herself will only look for a good quality man. His ambitions and lifestyle are very much a part of that. My life is incredibly full already.

I have a business, two teenage daughters and a home to look after. I take yoga classes, dance classes and have a busy social life. If a good enough man came along then I would expect him to be equally as busy but would find enough time to include him in my schedule. A man with nothing to do…… would be my worst nightmare. I would not be attracted to him. I am a physician, stylist, musician, ballroom dancer and aspiring novelist as well as a single dad. Women take one look at my schedule and run for the hills. What if you are dating a very ambitious man that successfully runs his own business and he spends all his extra profit re-investing in his business and working 7 days a week?

How do I support him yet handle him working as often as he does? I love reading your posts Stephen. I made this mistake with my ex-husband. He did not achieve his potential as I thought he would and at some point he burned out and changed his dreams. Being very driven myself, I went out and became successful in a way I never planed or wanted.

Why Do Successful Men Struggle With Dating? - Executive Matchmakers

This was disastrous for our relationship. This is a great piece Stephen! Would love to see more of you on the tours though… when you need a breath of crisp air, make a stop in Toronto. We got the chills! I am so tempted Dina. I have plenty of friends in Canada though so will get there soon anyway! Your writing has helped me in partially kicking mu ex out of his pedestal.

I do love him still but your point on investing because he has big plans hit me.

The Struggle Of Dating A Successful Man Who Can’t Juggle Love And His Career

Most of the time he just likes making plans but ner really pushes towards that. Thanks so much Sophi — really pleased it inspired you to take the action you need to move forward. Sophi your comment was very interesting because your ex describes my boyfriend perfectly. Recently a girl friend invited me to her church, possibly because she knows I am interested in him and he goes there too.

At the church, when we are alone, our conversations are fantastic. However whenever his male friends approach, he shuts down; refusing to make eye contact or talk to anyone. Am I doing something wrong?

How I attract Successful Men

Sometimes his male friends flirt with me, but I act politely disinterested. Give a little space and see if he initiates contact. Being an ambitious person myself career focused workaholic and a fitness nut , I find it hard to make it work given both our temperaments and where our priorities are set in life. There is a definite attraction, but the sustainability is pretty bad.

Please write a blog to help out ambitious girls like me! I think this blog is for ambitious girls like you as well! Like I said in the article, ambitious men love ambitious women — but just because you have your own priorities, he needs to feel your encouragement and support as well. He needs to feel like his success is also important to you as well as your own. If you truly LOVE a person you never get tired of loooooooooooooooooooving: True LOVE is the strongest element: Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses. A guy who wakes up to looooooooooooooove: Argh this was so great! A man who wants to build a school in Ethiopia or who wants to open a soup kitchen in town or, guess what? It can be any burning desire to achieve or build something that requires time and effort. I agree we should definitely look closely at WHY someone is ambitious and what they are trying to attain — not all ambition is equally good or bad.

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No one is attracted to a woman who complains or has a worried or sour face. Always appear relaxed and open. Men will find this attractive. Keep your dates short. Men will long for another date and reminisce on a good time if the date is short and leaves them wanting more. This also sends a message that you are busy and your time is valuable. This will signal to the successful man that you are equally successful.

Lisa Penn has been writing since and her primary experience is in research.

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Penn has written for various small business newsletters and publications such as the "Collegian. Finding and attracting Mr. Right can be easier than you think. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Consider what success means to you. Step 2 Investigate and research places to find the type of successful man you are looking for. Step 3 Visit places where successful men congregate often and consistently.

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Step 4 Wear clothing that makes you look and feel your best. Step 5 Be positive.