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My date gives me a good, long hug and wraps me in a towel to warm me up.

I would give anything to feel that charge of fear and uncertainity all over again. The shark cage dive is as an innovative date idea and I give it two thumbs up. I hope you try it together as a couple but it may not be the case as there will most likely be apprehension and fear from one or both of you.

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Something that I find with a lot of my dates is that most have a fear of fear itself. Near-death experience or not, be open to adventure and give this a go the next time you are in Durban. Unlike open ocean shark cage diving experiences, the UShaka dive is in a controlled environment and is not nearly as intimidating as getting into a tank with great whites around you.

I spent close to three months researching the UShaka Marine World shark cage dive, watching videos and reading previous divers experiences.

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I also watched a number of shark documentaries, my favourite has to be the Netflix series: Detailed, honest and informative, this series put my mind at ease a little more than the National Geographic documentary — Savage Great White Shark. Next I spent time watching scuba divers swimming with sharks and many talk about the claustrophobia that grips you more than your fear of these predators.

It is scary being in their world with no control and no way out.

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Running out of air, hyperventilating, being confined to the shark tank while they swim around you…it all weighs in on you. Nothing can ever prepare you enough however, it comes at you out of nowhere. Ocean Ramsey, a free-diver who is also a shark conservationist, inspires me immensely.

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She speaks of sharks in a way no one else has before. Watching her dives taught me not to get into the water until my mind is totally calm. So when my panic-attack kicked in, I knew not to get back into the water until my mind was in control.

Innovative date idea: Shark Cage Dive at UShaka Marine World

Sharks can detect low sound frequencies and weak electrical signals, this is often what triggers them into a frenzied attack. Practice your underwater breathing techniques, I could probably only stay under for about thirty seconds but if you can get that under control better than I could you would be able to take in a lot more per dive down. UShaka Marine World takes every precaution to ensure your safety during the shark cage dive. The plugin include some shortcodes, you can read more about them at the bottom of this page. The main 3 sections to configure the popup are:.

Where you edit the look and feel of the popup. Here you choose on which page to display the popup Set to all by default Display options: Some important settings about the plugin, being the more important trigger action. Home Contact Us Jazzuary. Stop being such a big baby.

Preparing for my dive I spent close to three months researching the UShaka Marine World shark cage dive, watching videos and reading previous divers experiences. Scavengers of the seas is also a really great doccie to start with. Related Posts Innovative date idea: Previously known under a variety of names and formats since its inception in see history , most recently Glide FM , the station launched in its current incarnation on 20 August The origins of the station lie in a student radio station, Oxygen Following an attempt at a format change in see below and sinking ratings, the station relaunched as Glide FM on 18 August Later on, it was expanded to 24 hours a day.

The station has a wide playlist about songs which can be influenced by visitors to the website who can request and vote for tracks to be played, then be texted, e-mailed or tweeted on Twitter when they are going to broadcast. In September , former Big Brother contestant Eugene Sully who also worked for the unassociated Sussex-based station Passion Radio 'took over' the station's output and played The Muppets' 'Mahna Mahna' non-stop for six hours until Passion FM managers came round to his way of thinking that better music should be played on the station, and to be hired as a chief engineer there.

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This was supposedly a stunt to highlight the relaunch of the station. In February , the station's owners lodged a request with Ofcom to change the station's format to one for over year-olds. Ofcom considered this, but the Radio Licensing Committee has rejected this proposal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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